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Captains Simon Williams and Derek Kingsbury prior to their top of the table clash.

A stunning 49 tons plus a multitude of 80 pluses were recorded in this week´s top of the table clash between the Hyenas and Meerkats, in a jam packed Hub Sports Bar. 29 of the tons went to the Kats who gave their best performance of the season so far.

The Hyenas´ ton tally would have toppled any other side, such was the standard of play. Captain Simon Williams had no problem motivating his side, but they were slow out of the blocks in the first three triples and paid the price by being 3-0 down to doubles from Pat Abrams D10, Dave Frew D2 and Abrams D10 in the third. Most of the damage coming from Paul Durrant 125,125,116 plus a 140 from Abrams. Hyenas response a ton from John Eyre and two more from Nick Spicer. The same two were chosen by Williams for the first pairs against Abrams and Alex Nikolov, Spicer recorded 100,100,123, Nikolov 2×100, but the all important double went to Abrams on D13. Shaun Smith figured next with the captain, Smith recently laid low with an ear infection gave a good account of himself with 100 and 140 equalled by Frew and Del Kingsbury, the latter finding the crucial double D20.

Lee Maiden got himself on the score board with a ton and D20 partnering Durrant in their game with both Joe´s, Hawkins and Miller. 0-6 at half time, absolutely unbelievable and at least a draw for the league leaders, keeping the Hyenas at least a point behind and the Kats unbeaten record intact. Williams response was emphatic, Spicer to go first against Graham Todd.

The Meerkat gave their top man a real fright, scoring 95,117,121 and 133 plus taking the second of three legs. Spicer´s response 2×100, 140 and both doubles for the Hyenas´ first leg of the evening. Smith was selected next and yet again it was a three leg thriller, in fact 5 of the 6 singles went all 3 legs. Smith´s opponent Frew 100,121 took the first in 18 darts and added 100,140 in the two remaining legs only for the talented Smith to take out D8,D5 plus 2×100. The noise level increased as the hosts sensed the draw was a possibility with 4 strong players remaining. Miller was next and opened with 100 and 109 v. Abrams who couldn’t find a treble, but managed D10 for the first. Miller took the second with 140 and D10, Abrams having the darts in the decider. The Meerkat stepped up a gear and recorded 100,137 and then D9 for the game match and both points. Miller 100 in the decider was very unlucky in what was a great tussel. Eyre enjoyed the throw against Durrant in the 9th leg and posted a 140 and D20, his opponent 100 and 95. A 99 and 2×100 from the Meerkat plus the double made it all square. Eyre couldn’t take advantage of throw in the third as Durrant nailed 2×100 and D20 for the game. The fifth single went all the way as Hawkins took the first on D16 and slipped in a ton in the second against Nikolov who matched the ton but nailed 85 with T15 and D20.

That seemed to knock the stuffing out of the useful Hawkins who failed to hit any big scores as the Bulgarian made it 2-1 with 100 and 139. Maiden concluded the match with the only 2-0 against a spirited Geoff Harvey performance, on D2 plus 99,100 and 121. Quality match well hosted by Simon Williams and his Hyenas.

Ale House played host to the Breakaways who slipped up last week against the Tavern. Was a repeat on the cards? Not this week as Mike Smith made a welcome return to the Bears promptly taking the first on D4 after some healthy scoring.

Berney Whipday levelled on D7 well supported by Luke Yarnold, who figured well in the third leg but couldn’t prevent the powerful play of Smith 81,140 and D8 for 1-2. Ivan Jones did his utmost to increase the lead, but some tasty scoring and D4 from Tony Woods made it all square. Smith and Sarah Simpson teamed up in the fifth leg and shared some great scoring, the latter slightly outshining her team mate by taking out 80 on S20,S20,D20. Mike Snow and Mike Douglas gave a good account of themselves, Douglas pegging D7 for 2-4 at the break. Mallinson 100 was just edged out in the first single by a steady Del Lister who increased the score line on D9. Woods deserved the result in the next with some high scoring, but Snow did some of his own plus D2 eventually, for at least a draw and point.

Yarnold faced a tough opponent in Simpson and came out on top edging D2 to keep the Alemen in the match. Young Owen Attwood had a real battle on his hands against the experienced Douglas who raced down to the double with some tasty scoring. Attwood wasn’t fazed scoring steadily to include a ton and then D10. Jones D16 and 121 secured the match and points for the Bears, leaving Smith to take the 8th leg with 140,125 and D20 against a plucky Whipday 100. Mallinson not only showed his ability on the oche, but was applauded for his accomplished hosting skills.

After this week´s defeat, Porter House have only taken 2 points from a possible 8 in the last four league outings. Even the return of Peter Ayres couldn’t lift the Porters above 4 legs, however, take nothing away from a good performance from the Jackals. Jimmy Gray gave the hosts an early lead on D5, Jim Scott 132 and D5 increasing the lead after 2, Ray Sanderson scoring a ton.

Yvonne Rouffignac 100 and Ayres 78 out S18,S20,D20 pulled one back for the Porters. Mick Jones 140 and D10 made it 3-1 despite a ton from Matt Jackson. Gray added a 109 to his earlier win, partner Andy Gildea taking out D18 for the fifth leg. Phil de Lacy D4 made it a surprising 5-1 score line at half time. Gildea took the first leg on D15 against the in-form Ray Hayes, who reversed the trend nailing D8, D2 plus 140 and 123. De Lacy took 2 of 3 on D16 and D3 with a ton. Sid Cross came to life in his singles against Gray, winning two straight with 2×100 and a 140.

Steph Simpson gained both points for the Jackals on D16, with a couple of tons thrown in. Scott made it 8 for the home side, leaving Ray Sanderson to complete the match taking 2 of 3 on D9 after Jones had taken the middle leg with a magnificent 149 out (T19,T18,D19). Incidentally I missed Keith King´s showboating last week. Requiring 64, Lofty hit D16 first dart, needing another he gets D8 and then completes the out with a further D8, a three double finish. What a showman!

Junction Jaguars climbed to second spot, their highest league position to date, after a victory over the very capable Evolution who took 2 of the first 3 triples via Jon Peters 100, Jak Doggatt supporting with 125. Pat Schofield D6 gained the Jaguars leg.

The visitors went on to take the next three pairs courtesy of Wendy Hayward 100,D1 Schofield 83,D1 and Dee Green 112,D4, who also took the first singles. Hayward ensured the draw and point on D2 leaving Hilda Wilkinson to take the honours and both points on D5. Doggatt overcame Simone de Lacy winning Evolution their only individual leg. Schofield enjoyed a tidy game with 81,100 and D7, leaving captain Tracey Simpson to take the last leg on D8.

Pint Depot Kings, still looking for their first victory, must have thought it was coming after leading 2-4 at half time against a useful but unpredictable Eagles. Matt Cummins took the first on D20 Frankie W the second on D8. Eddie Fozzard D2 gave the Kings an incredible 3-0 lead, well supported by Cummins and Kevin Griffiths. Frankie W´s 140 was countered by high scoring from captain Den Hall 100, partner Jim Storey wrapping up the leg on D7. Mel Bettell 108,100 and Kevin Wood 100 and D4 reduced the margin to just one.

Cummins extended the lead on D2. Hall got the better of Frankie W in a high scoring three leg exchange on D10 and D2. A couple of tons plus plenty of 80 pluses from Ian Sleath wasn’t converted into doubles against Jim Storey who took the game 2-0 for an overall all-square score line. Bettell overcame Martyn Bynorth in a cracker to give the Eagles the lead for the first time.

The trend continued with Woods hitting D20 twice to gain at least the draw. Another cracker followed with Cummins taking both legs against Jim Waddell using D6 and D20 for 5-6 and the possibility of a Kings draw. It didn’t happen as Fozzard could only manage one leg D2 of the three available, Joseph Cuyt winning the match for the Eagles on D9.

Queens remain firmly at the bottom of Division 2 after taking a Kestrels pasting at the Pint Depot. A formidable 0-6 score line doesn’t bode well at half time. Highlight of the evening was from the Kestrels´ Chris Miles who nailed 4 of his side´s 11 doubles. Margaret Griffiths was the Queens´ star gaining her side´s only victory of the evening to the usual sounds of dodgy singing.

Alan Preston supported Miles, gaining two doubles, a couple of tons and plenty of 80 plus scores. Marie Dunne´s efforts in the scoring department disappointingly went amiss as were Vi Turners. The Queens are quite capable of matching teams scoring wise, but when it comes to the doubles its just not happening. They will be looking for a turn of fortune in their next match to the Ale House.

Finishing School

119 required: If you throw for T20 and hit S20 you cannot finish in two. Throw instead for T19 as a miss leaving 100 points means you can still finish.

Question: How do you finish 65?

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