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Pairs and Triples venues will be distributed this week for the weeks of 5th March (Pairs) and 12th March (Triples). Entries are slightly down on previous years and considering the league enjoys two extra teams this term, it’s a little disappointing.

One or two sides haven’t entered either competitions, with numerous valid reasons in most cases. From the participating bars point of view, the League imposes a policy of only using venues where teams have entered the appropriate competitions.

Not only are absentees not supporting the League, but their local bar also. Nevertheless both events will be keenly contested up to and including the finals in May. Singles entries for both ladies and mens events will follow in due course, first round matches take place on 2nd April.

The Ladies singles event will once again be supported by Alex Nikolov Building Services.To clarify the rule appertaining to teams turning up with only 5 players, in the singles category a player may play twice, by method of a blind draw. Rule 7 covers teams with four or five players and legs they must forfeit in that particular leg. Further clarification if necessary may be obtained via Derek Kingsbury, fixtures and rules co-ordinator.

Onto this week´s league matches and all the surprises and congratulations must go to Division 2 teams of Que Pasa Kestrels, Sporting Life Misfits and the Ale House on splendid victories that really open up the chase for second spot.

Misfits imposed a fifth defeat on the Jaguars at the Junction this week, placing them nicely behind the Tavern with a definite chance of improving fifth place. Pete James and Leah Chesworth did the damage for the visitors with three winning doubles each, ending the Jaguars four match unbeaten run. Karl Cooper supported well with a singles victory plus 100,125 and 133.

Chesworth took the match and both points for the Misfits, going out in style on 88. Nice one Leah! Her victim was none other than Simone de Lacy who had pressured her opponent with an 81 and 100. Jaguars Wendy Hayward was outstanding against Zoe James 83, nailing 81,81,135 and D2 to keep the hosts in the game.

Pat Schofield endured the vocals of Joe Brown, to continue her run of fine form to take the first singles on D19. Hilda Wilkinson´s 89 out (T19,S16,D8) was the highest in the match taking the third triples. Captain Tracey Simpson´s consistent high scoring wasn’t taken advantage of until the last leg of the evening on D20 against Sonya Cooper.

Que Pasa Kestrels leap frog the Jaguars into second spot after an excellent home victory to the Tavern. The Lanes´ John, Michelle and Harvey took the first triple, Harvey showing how it should be done scoring 81,85 and D20.

Chris Miles D4 made it 3 up for the home side despite some great scoring from Taverner Stu Mitchell. John Lane made it 4 on D9 before Mitchell retrieved a leg for the visitors. Russell Lyness extended the Kestrels half time lead of 4-2 in the first singles, Rick Cox D5 narrowing the margin for the Taverners and keeping their hopes of a result alive.

Unfortunately Harvey Lane managed yet another double for at least the draw and point. Terry Kirby looked likely to take the match with an impressive 114 but his opponent Zack Green scored well plus D9 for 6-4. Mitchell looked the likely winner in the next with some great scores (2×100), but Michelle Lane was his equal with 85,100 and D10 for the match. John Lane made it a real family affair, taking out D8 for 8-4 against a spirited Theo Wils.

Breakaways retain their stranglehold on Division 2 after a comfortable away victory at the Pint Depot Queens. A 1-5 half time lead via Alan Strong D20, D10, Mike Snow D2, Mike Douglas D12 and Del Lister D10 just wasn’t going to be retrieved by the Royals although Vi Turner did her best converting D6 plus one or two other doubles taken when she was supposed to be scoring.

Marie Dunne and Mike Douglas were top scorers up to the half way stage. Strong ensured the draw on tops, Douglas gaining the win despite a good performance from Dunne. The remaining four singles went the visitors way through Snow, Sarah Simpson, Ivan Jones and Lister.

Several D1 finishes throughout indicated a different score line was possible so come on you Royals get practising on the all important doubles.

Ale House made it 3 points from 4 enjoying a home victory and third win of the season. Karl Mallinson came in with numerous top scores plus a couple of doubles, Bernie Whipday just eclipsing the licensee with a barrage of scores plus a double. Luke Yarnold added a further double along with some decent scoring.

Jak Doggatt and John Williams were Evolutions main men, the former continuing to improve week on week and nailing a double to boot. Both sides are now showing a little form that would have presented a different league table had it occurred earlier in the season.

Meerkats keep their unbeaten run to over 50 matches with a comfortable and very enjoyable win over Gogarty´s Bulls. An uninspired first half saw the Kats leading 1-5, Richard Pattison looking impressive with 100 and 121, Gail Todd and Cynthia Jevons winning the Bulls only leg. Dave Frews 100, 140 and Paul Durrant´s 64 out highlighting the Kats efforts.

Pat Abrams made it 6 for the Kats winning 2 of 3 against Kevin Prockter who took the middle leg on D20 after an 83 and 95. Abrams a dodgy D3 and D16 taking the leg. A 133 from Brian Newton gave Durrant a scare before taking the match on D20 and D5. A real sizzler followed between Alex Nikolov and Pattison, Nikolov recorded 2×100 and a 59 out in the first, Pattison taking out 92 in the second after a ton. Nikolov opened with 2×140 in the third, only for his opponent to register 100,121 and a fine 110 out (T20,S18,D16). Great game! Lee Maiden, Frew and Del Kingsbury took the remaining three singles.

Meekats only threat to the league championship, the Hyenas, kept up their challenge with a decent home victory to the Jackals from the Junction. It was 4-2 at half time, the highlight being Nigel Elvery wiring D20 for a 154 out. Shaun Smith D12, D10, John Eyre D10, Nick Spicer D8 the Hyenas victors, Jimmy Gray D2, Phil de Lacy D16 for the Jackals.

Joe Miller 2×100, D18 and D2 ensured the draw against Elvery allowing cuddly Spicer to win the points playing a very worthy opponent in de Lacy 81,85,95,135. Smith recorded 4×100 and 2xD8 in the 11th leg against Gray. Miller wrapped up the match 2-0 with a tidy game, opponent Michael Jones.

The Porter House maintain third spot with their seventh win of the season, this time versus Pint Depot Kings. It was tight at half time, 3 all in fact, John Crooks D13, Frankie “W” D4 and Matt Cummins D2 taking the doubles for the Kings, Ray Hayes D6, Matt Jackson D8, Peter Ayres replying for the hosts.

Tons coming from Ray Sanderson 100,126, Yvonne Rouffignac and Ayres both scoring hundreds. The Porters took all 6 singles, however a shoulder injury to Matt Cummins prevented the last leg occurring, what was he doing? Brian Nash 100,129, took 2 of 3 playing Martyn Bynorth with Sid Cross making short work of Bob Hogden 2-0, to include 2×100 and a 95.

Rouffignac won her singles 2-1, the last leg a tasty 95 out. Frankie “W” gave a great performance in his singles, scoring 120,121 and 122 but unfortunately opponent Ayres recorded 2×100, but more importantly D16 and D8. Hayes completed the match hitting D2 twice against Ian Sleath.

Finishing School

Question: How do you finish 72?

Answer: Many would go for T12, D18, but if you hit S12 it would leave 60 points which can easily be busted. My alternative is S16, S16, D20. Any treble on 8s or 16s leaves decent alternatives without the possibility of busting.

Question: How do you finish 44?

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