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230 residents in Orihuela Costa held a lunch meeting to show their support for Pedro Mancebo


On Sunday 22nd a group of 230 residents in Orihuela Costa held a lunch meeting to show their support for Pedro Mancebo after his 6 years as a local political leader.

One of the organisers, Escher Bookelaar said “Pedro Mancebo has been the only councillor in the last 4 years that has worked with honesty and integrity for the coast and the city, and despite the unfair criticism, the lies and personal attacks that he has suffered from his political opponents, he has tirelessly continued to try to bring improvements to benefit everyone and make the changes necessary to install an efficient and capable government”.

Those in attendance at one long table agreed “that every proposal made by Pedro Mancebo during his time in government and in opposition made perfect sense and were exactly what all of Orihuela needed, and that he is very clear and reasonable in his approach to needs of the people.” They said “that it was unfortunate that he had to cope with other councillors and parties that were more concerned about their personal interests, ambition and futures and that of their political parties, rather than looking after the interests of Orihuela and the welfare of its residents”.

Alan O´Reilly, a member of the Orihuela Costa supporters group stated “We do not want Pedro to leave the local political scene as that will mean we will be left in the hands of political corruption or incompetents. We don’t want to be governed by politicians who don’t care about anything other than their personal ambitions and status so as to increase their power and influence within their own political party”.

Judith Webb said “Nothing will make us to give up our desire for improvements and changes in Orihuela Costa. We need a leader like Pedro Mancebo who has the proven ability, experience and personality to achieve the services and interests required by the people. We are not going to allow another 4 years of neglect and broken promises from a useless government to be repeated. We pledge our full support for Pedro Mancebo who is a most capable politician and is undoubtedly on our side”.

Raymond Kearney finally stated “We fully support and approve of the vision and the efforts that Pedro has put into the local administration in regards to improving our local economy through the protection and development of tourism and the improvements of green areas and especially in the street cleaning, green waste collection and rubbish removal. We want him to be able to implement the improvements that would be complete now if he had not been removed from the driving seat by the green and socialist government who were jealous of his abilities and progress”.

Ray continued, “The greens and socialists councillors have lied to our faces, they claim great improvements but a blind man can see that there has been no significant improvement in Orihuela Costa in the last 4 years. Public funds, our money, has been misused and wasted and Orihuela Costa is actually worse now than it was 4 years ago. We want the greens and the PSOE out of the Town Hall of Orihuela; we need a clean sweep and a fresh start. We are determined to once and for all, to expose and get rid of all the liars, the corrupts and the lazy politicians that we have had to cope with in the past. We want hard working councillors who have integrity, experience and ability who are fully committed to the real needs of the common people”.

The supporters that were gathered along with their families and friends are determined to back Pedro Mancebo in the next local elections and to make their voice heard and to claim their rights in the Town Hall of Orihuela. They individually and collectively asked Pedro to lead a political project of honest and hard-working people who care about the real concerns of all the citizens and to bring about real and lasting improvements to the whole of the Orihuela community.

Pedro Mancebo was unanimously requested to continue to fight for the people and their needs. He was hailed as the only leader capable of realising the demands of the citizens and was asked in very strong and persuasive terms to campaign as a candidate for government in Orihuela. It was emphasised that once all the electorate discern which politicians want personal gain or party power and who is interested in the welfare of the people, there will be a landslide in favour of Pedro Mancebo

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