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Ciudadanos member Ignacio Lopez Bas at the Rotary Club

What Orihuela Costa needs over the next 4 years is stable government. After 25 years of apathy and corruption followed by 4 years of political self-interest and incompetence there needs to be a change and your vote if used wisely will matter.

There are 13 parties contesting the Orihuela elections this month. Each party of course will claim that they’ll win more votes than they will. The reality is that only 4 or 5 parties will achieve any seats at all. All of the other 8 parties will be eliminated.

In the Spanish electoral system any party that receives less than 5% of the total votes cast are automatically eliminated and their votes are binned. This month’s vote is expected to be about 32,000, so any party receiving less than 1,600 votes will be eliminated. Generally parties that focus on local areas & issues do not have a wide appeal and therefore will not achieve the 5% minimum required.

Claro for example is perceived to focus on one area of the whole municipality and as a result they will not receive 1,600 votes. The 3 small communist parties will certainly also all be eliminated but there is a slight possibility that Cambiamos may achieve 1 seat.

It is unfortunate that Pepa Ferrando, who was charged with corruption and expelled from the PP, has formed her own party “Foro Demócrata” and may actually get enough votes to win 2 seats. Ciudadanos (C’s) are likely to win 4 or even 5 seats. The PSOE who have caused such havoc in Orihuela for the last 4 years will likely get 7 or even 8 seats.

It is strange to imagine that the party that has been most associated with political favouritism in the past is now the only party that has banned any person charged with corruption from appearing on the electoral list. This new clean PP is likely to receive 11 or even 12 seats.

At this moment it seems unlikely that any one party will have enough seats to rule Orihuela so another coalition is inevitable. Over the next weeks we will analyze the parties, offer possible scenarios and make predictions for the future.


Information on the author: Raymond Kearney has been deeply involved in Orihuela politics for the last 6 years but is not affiliated with any political party contesting these elections.

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