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Spain like many European countries uses the D’Hondt voting system. If any party receives less than 5% of the total votes cast then their votes are not taken into account and are discarded.

In Orihuela’s 2007 local elections Claro received 800 votes which were dumped because they fell short of the 5% minimum required.

In 2011, 32,549 votes were cast in whole municipality for all parties with only 2,801 in Orihuela Costa. Eliminated were PRO 720 votes, EUPV 501 votes, BL 466 votes and P.C.P.E. 120 votes.

If Claro had been alone they probably would have received 950 votes and also would have been eliminated, but Claro formed a pre-election alliance with CLR and together they received 1,352 votes on the coast which was still not enough to reach the 1,627 (5%) minimum required but because of their pre-election alliance CLR’s 3,000 votes received in Orihuela allowed Claro to cross the 5% line and together CLR-Claro won 4 seats.

This month Claro and 7 other small parties, out of the 13 parties contesting this election will not reach the 5% minimum required. A vote for any small party will be a wasted vote.

Claro in recent months has tried to woo supporters from Orihuela and the villages with some small success. On their list is Asun Mayoral (No.2) who could win them another 100 votes, Pablo Vidal (No.6) could bring in 50 votes and some disaffected and unwanted members of other parties could bring in yet another 100 votes.

The maximum votes that Claro will win this month will be 1,350. The 5% minimum should be more than 1,600 votes. So it is impossible for Claro to reach the 5% minimum in 2015.

This information will disappoint many people on the coast, but if you lived in La Zenia would you vote for “The Party of La Florida”? If Claro want to continue they must change their image and the perception that the electorate have of them. Claro’s current leader is adored and revered by a select few but he is not widely respected throughout the municipality. At 78 he should retire with grace rather than continuing as the “Face” of Claro.

Next they should drop their logo “Party of the Coast”. Then they need to place well respected people into key positions, for example they have a young intelligent businessman called Paul in the number 3 position on their list, next time around place him in the number one position and put capable people in the driving seat.

They should continue with their expansion into Orihuela and the villages but rather than accepting cast-offs in leadership roles, they should place well respected people in these Spanish areas to represent them. If they follow a plan like this Claro could possibly win 3 seats in 2019.

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