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José Manuel Dolón is the new mayor of Torrevieja

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José Manuel Dolón of the Los Verdes green party is the new mayor of Torrevieja, having received the majority of votes, ousting the Partido Popular after 27 years in power.


As one of the politicians instrumental in bringing countless cases to court, fighting against the corrupt elements of the PP, José Manuel Dolón has ousted Eduardo Dolón from the top spot, and promises a future dedicated to serving the people of the town, rather than the pockets of the politicians.

The green councillor received 14 votes from the PSOE, Los Verdes, Sueña Torrevieja, APTCe and IU, along with the Ciudadanos who had kept their opinions secret until a last minute press conference late on Friday night.

Eduardo Dolón for his part received 11 votes, obtaining the full support of his own party.

Torrevieja is now set to be run by a multi-party coalition government whose Mayor will rotate after two years into the four year term.

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