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Three Injured by Escaped Chimpanzees

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Two owners of the Oasis Park de La Lajita, on the Spanish island of Fuerteventura, as well as an employee, have been injured when three chimpanzees escaped from their enclosure at the zoo.

The park was forced to close its doors whilst the primates, King, Cheeta and Felipa, were rounded up, but not before the animals fought their captors of the last 30 years, with one of the humans being taken to the Fuerteventura hospital in a serious condition having been bitten by one of the chimps.

As part of the established security protocol, the doors to the park were closed to prevent admission and anybody already inside was taken to a closed area for their own protection.

Cheeta was shot by a tranquilizer dart, with vets at the scene treating her for her injuries sustained in the attempt to control the situation, and in a serious condition. King and Felipa were shot and killed by the Guardia Civil and Local Police who attended the incident.

Although the chimps had lived in captivity at the park for the last 30 years, they had been rescued from an illegal trade network.

20150626 - Three Injured by Escaped Chimpanzees Cheeta

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