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Religion Led Group Warn of Beach Dangers

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A political group is reminding its religious followers of the risk of scandal and sin associated with going to mixed-sex beaches in the summer, and warned of practices which must be avoided in order not to offend God.

The Carlistas group, which recognises what they consider to be traditional catholic and Christian values, says that there are dangers of morality in mixed-sex beaches and so should be avoided. For men bathing together they must wear a “simple trunk” or a garment known as a “Meyba”, whereas women bathing together must wear a swimsuit which covers their torso and skirts when not in the water. Both sexes should be covered with a bathrobe when not in the water, they say.

Sunbathing should not be an excuse to abuse by exposing the naked body, which is usually not necessary, and when it is, should be performed away from the sight of others.

Extra care should also be taken during picnics, with mixed bathing in a pond or river; for the inconvenience the public bathing must also be added the additional risk of frivolity, lightness and excessive freedom of a day trip.

The Comisión Episcopal de Ortodoxia y Moralidad set out these rules in 1958, because God, who has given us so much beauty and so many ways of recreation, is entitled to expect of its rational creature other correspondence, more in harmony with reason and faith.

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