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Crucifixion Protest Not a Crime

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The judge presiding over a case brought against 8 local police officers in Torrevieja has deemed that a protest, in which a crucifixion was faked to highlight the poor working conditions imposed on the officers by the town hall, did not constitute a crime.

The judge states that the officers had a right to protest and were exercising that right legally, as it did not contravene the laws relating to the rights of assembly and protest, and that it could only have been prevented by the government office if there were reasonable grounds to believe that disorderly conduct might endanger people, which there was not.

The former mayor, Eduardo Dolón, had filed for a private prosecution for disorderly conduct, but the judge believes that this case should be dismissed as at no time was there a serious disturbance to the plenary hall preventing normal operation, and that the suspension of the town hall meeting was the mayor´s initiative, but it had no impact.

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