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Alcoy Armed Robber Locked Up

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A resident of Alcoy has had his 5-year prison sentence confirmed by the court of appeal, after he was found guilty of armed robbery, having threatened a priest at knifepoint and made off with 20 euro.

The man was given the sentence in February and appealed through the courts, after evidence stated that the man hid his face behind a ski mask and put a letter opener or knife at the priest´s throat, demanding money from the priest who was praying at the time.

The priest gave the man the 20 euro from his pocket and called the police immediately after the thief had fled, giving a description of the man. The police were able to apprehend the robber and found him carrying a letter opener and 20 euro note, the priest then confirming his identity having recognised his voice and the smell of his aftershave.

The appeal was based around the allegation of insufficient evidence of identity, which was declined, the perpetrator now facing 5 years locked up and having to financially compensate the priest to the tune of 20 euro.

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