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Hostess Club Fraudsters Arrested

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Officers from the Guardia Civil have arrested 20 members of an organised gang believed to be responsible for fraudulently obtaining around 45,000 euro from credit cards of mostly British visitors to hostess and strip clubs in the Magalluf area of the island of Mallorca.

The investigating officers believe that the amount of money stolen could be higher, on account of some of the victims being reluctant to report the theft on account of their embarrassment of admitting attending such venues.

The victims were said to be intoxicated at the time that the fraud would take place, with numerous consecutive high amounts put on their credit cards.

The British, as well as visitors from Scandinavia and the Nordic countries, were easier targets for the gangs on account of them offering their security information, such as pin and security codes more freely when asked.

In total, 16 women and 4 men were arrested, one of whom at least has previous convictions for similar offences.

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