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About the Guardia Civil

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The Guardia Civil is an armed institution of military nature, whose point of reference and origin is the Spanish people. GC’s ‘raison d’être’ is the protection of citizens, their property and assets, and its core mission consists in ensuring the full exercise of rights and freedoms. Guardia Civil is not only the traditional pair of agents patrolling on foot the Spanish territory. Based on its traditions, and by means of new systems of state of the art technologies, Guardia Civil evolves to face new challenges. If something defines the past, present and future of GC, it is its ability to adapt to new realities and social needs, its permanent sense of duty and its innovative nature.
GC keeps facing challenges with confidence, transparency, sense of duty and efficiency, always in tune with modern times, treading carefully towards the future, while remaining loyal to their motto: “Honour is the token of each and every GC officer”.

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