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Intensified Campaign on Secondary Roads

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All this week, the DGT will be operating a special campaign monitoring the secondary road network in Spain.


The campaign will run from Monday the 19th until Sunday the 25th of October and will pay close attention to factors which contribute most to incidents on these roads.

As a result, the Guardia Civil traffic department will be out in force carrying out extensive checks on speed, as well as monitoring for seatbelts, restraining devices and helmets, alcohol and drug use, improper overtaking, use of mobile phones and wearing of headphones and earpieces, as well as vehicle and driver documentation and standards.

The local police will also be assisting in the campaign and the DGT will have their own enforcement vehicles out monitoring the network too, both on the ground and from the air.

Secondary roads are the scene for most fatal incidents on the road network and so this campaign not only serves to raise awareness of the dangers associated with additional risk factors, but also aims to reduce casualties and fatalities.

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