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Security Threat Level in Spain

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The Interior Ministry has issued a statement clarifying the current alert status in Spain, dismissing rumours being spread through social network sites over an imminent attack on the country.


The statement points out that given the unfounded information, the Interior Ministry clarifies that:

The information being disseminated through some social networks and other communication channels such as WhatsApp relating to a possible attack in Spain lack any credibility and are only meant to elicit states of fear and alarm in the population, or other malicious purposes which are totally unrelated to safety.

The Ministry of Interior has not modified the Terrorism Alert Level (Nivel de Alerta Antiterrorista – NAA) which is still Level 4 – High Risk, as established on the 26 June following the terrorist attacks in France, Tunisia, Kuwait and Somalia.

Any amendment to the Anti-Terrorism Alert Level (NAA), arrest or committing a terrorist attack is always transmitted to the media and made ​​public through the usual official channels of the Ministry of Interior (www.interior.gob) and state security forces (National Police and Guardia Civil).

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