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Winter Tyre Sales Expected to Increase

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Winter TyresOver the next four months, winter tyre sales in Spain are expected to reach 500,000 units, an increase of 25% over last year.

According to tyre distributor Grupo Andrés, tyres specifically designed for winter roads are becoming increasingly popular in Spain, with more than 800,000 vehicles expected to be fitted with them for next year.

The tyres are specifically designed for areas where the temperature drops below 7 degrees, and reduce the risk of incidents during rain, snow and ice by up to 38%, according to European data.

CEO of the company, Eduardo Salazar, pointed out that a car travelling at 50 kilometres per hour fitted with traditional tyres require an additional 5 metres to stop on wet ground during winter. On icy roads, a car with traditional tyres require requires an additional 8 metres, the equivalent of two cars placed one after the other.

The company also pointed out that winter tyres are between 15% and 25% cheaper than conventional tyres, and are more cost effective during the season when driven at appropriate speed and with gentle manoeuvring such as acceleration and braking.

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