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New Windscreen Scam Warning

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A warning has been issued regarding a new scam warning that is being spread through social networks around the globe.

The instigator of the scam places a cash note on the windscreen of the car, affixed by the windscreen wipers.


The idea is that once inside the vehicle, the driver will see the note and, thinking that their luck has just come in, exit the car in order to retrieve their booty.

At this point, with the engine still running, the scammer would rush into the vehicle and drive off, leaving the victim holding a note, which is actually a fake.

Although there are currently no reported cases of this happening in Spain, it is only a matter of time before somebody attempts it, and succeeds.

The advice is always to check around the vehicle before you enter it, not only looking for things placed on your windscreen or back window, but also checking for obvious damage and that your tyres are inflated.

By the way, it is highly unlikely that anybody would leave money for you in this way, so if you do see such an occurrence, don´t build your hopes up and stay alert.

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