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Almost 700 Euro Raised for the Children

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At the start of December we launched the eBook, “The New Rules of the Road”, promising that all proceeds from the sale of the eBook between the launch date and 3 King´s Day would be given to the extremely worthwhile Elche Children´s Home.

We can now tell you that we sold almost double the target number of books and, with the exception of a small processing fee for our financial service provider, and the payment of VAT / IVA in the country of purchase, almost 700 euro was raised from the sales which has directly benefited the children.

Rather than handing over the cash direct, the money was spent on things that the home had asked for. Earlier in the campaign, we showed you how a football tournament was organised using some of the funds. That involved buying every child a Spain football kit, plus a trophy each, as well as the footballs and other football related materials.

A party was then held for the winners, who fortunately were the children from the home who beat the Guardia Civil officers in the tournament and were awarded their trophies. All of the food and drinks for the party were paid for with your contributions, making the overall event something that the children will remember for a very long time.

This week, the children have been presented with a new screen for their projector, so they can enjoy films, videos and other shows together in the group.

Finally, all of the children and their teachers are being taken for a day out at the cinema, making another memorable experience, all of which has been made possible thanks to your contributions to purchasing this eBook.

The campaign is now over and the eBook is on sale normally, although we have reduced it for the January sales. Any money now received will go towards funding our next projects and campaigns, including a second eBook which is due for release at Easter, with some of the proceeds from the sale of that product also being used to benefit another charitable group.

We will tell you more about the new eBook nearer the time, as well as details of our next chosen charity. For now, all that remains is for everybody involved in the N332 project to thank you for your contributions which we feel have gone a long way to making this Christmas period an unforgettable one for the children. Thank you.

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