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Driving on a Motorway in a Prohibited Vehicle

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Offence: Driving on a Motorway in a Prohibited Vehicle.

Driving on a motorway in a prohibited vehicle, such as a horse or hand drawn vehicle, a cycle or moped for example, will result in a fine, as will carrying an insecure load which can fall or that compromises the stability of the vehicle.

Fine: 200 euro

Reason: Motorways are designed for fast and safe traffic. Although speed can be a contributing factor to incidents on the roads, motorways are designed in such a manner that they are generally safer at higher speeds than normal roads, with long sweeping curves and flat, straight sections, free from more vulnerable road users such as pedestrians and cycles, and largely free of distractions. Vehicles which are unable to reach a minimum threshold of speed are banned because as traffic is moving faster, reaction and stopping times are increased and if a slower vehicle is in the path of one moving at high speed there is less time to deal with that hazard.


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