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Things to do this weekend – 27 February 2016

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Hi, Mark Nolan here with your local guide of things to do this weekend here on the costa blanca. Or, actually, wherever you are, welcome to the weekend, but I happen to be on the costa blanca.

The bad news is that it´s going to get a little chilly this weekend. Not snowboots and wooly hat chilly, but according to forecasters, from Friday there is likely to be increased cloud cover and a possibility of light rain, with temperatures dropping significantly, with the minimum below 10 ° C and the maximum hovering around 15 ° C.

The chance of light rain will continue into Saturday and Sunday will be windy. However, from Monday, the cold air and instability will begin to subside.

If it´s wrong, don´t blame me. I am but the messenger. For me, my biggest concern is it might bring back that Trans-Atlantic man flu I was battling last weekend. I´m not over it yet, I would say about 60% recovered, but I don´t want a relapse. Ladies… You have no idea (I am smiling as I type that, please don´t attack me).

As for things to do if you are going to brave it into the outside world, locally we have dog shows, bike rides, running races and a more traditional Spanish fiesta, amongst others.

On Saturday, the Habaneras shopping centre are holding an event to benefit the local municipal animal shelter, home to far too many abandoned and found dogs and cats. It starts with batacuda at 11:00, which are drummers by the way. A little odd to make so much noise, but the animals won´t be near and it will instantly raise the awareness of the event. There is also a Zumba master class and a raffle, you might even win a drummer, or I may have made that bit up (I did make it up).

There will be some street closures in Torrevieja on Sunday as the XXXIII (twenty third if you can´t work it out) Half Marathon “Ciudad de Torrevieja” takes over, departing at 10:00 from opposite the casino. The 21km route takes you through the streets of the coastal area and registration is open to all, and you can register at Habaneras on Saturday when you´re at the animal event, which is nice. It costs 25 euro to enter though but there are prizes for the first three runners in each category. I don´t think there is a “far too unfit to even try” category, so that´s me out. Still, I saved 25 quid I guess.

Also on Sunday, but this time in Rojales, the Day of the Bike will be celebrated, promoting the bike as a transport and leisure tool, which can be used for sport and mobility, regardless of age or physical condition. There will be a number of road closures so that the 400 anticipated riders can move freely through the 15 km route, but it is a nice way for families, individuals and groups to spend a leisurely Sunday morning, and you get a commemorative t-shirt and refreshments for taking part. There will also be a raffle and prizes for the best costume.

If you´re into classical music then Elche might be the place to go this weekend as La Traviata is being performed in the Gran Teatro.

Back to Torrevieja now and the Casa de Andalucía “Rafael Alberti” will be holding their Andalusia Day on Sunday with an event of flamenco song. The event, scheduled at 18:30 hours at the Virgen del Carmen Cultural Centre, will feature Marta Sevillano, guitarist Antonio Fernández “El Torero” and his son Manuel Fernandez, as well as a variety of traditional musicians, singers and dancers. Tickets cost just 4 euro.

This weekend will also see the XXX (thirtieth) Life Guard Swimming Championships held in the pools in Torrevieja, with 450 athletes from all around Spain participating in a variety of lifesaving competitions on both Saturday and Sunday.

On the subject of lifesavers, there is also a national photography competition taking place at the moment with prizes on offer for the best pictures that show the fire service in action. Please be careful if you´re going to attempt to photograph them, but there is a 1,000 euro prize up for grabs.

As for a couple of future events, the 22nd, Youth Habaneras musical competition will be held in Torrevieja on the 8th and 9th of April. In Orihuela, there will be a “food trucks” event in the city between the 11th and 13th of March, then coming to the coast shortly after, bringing the homeless soup-kitchen experience to the masses, for over inflated prices. Okay, I am joking about that bit, but it does seem a little odd that with so many restaurants and bars struggling at the moment, the tourism department would see fit to arrange an event that takes even more business away from them. I know these nomad truck holders are trying to earn a living, but so are the other small business owners. Enough of the politics though, just a small point.

St Patrick´s day is fast approaching, the 17th of March, but before then you must not, MUST NOT, forget Mother´s Day in the UK which is next Sunday. Don´t say you weren´t warned.

A final point, before I bid you a fond farewell, if you´re based in the Torrevieja or surrounding area and looking for a job, TKO Media are recruiting. They have openings for presenters on TKO Radio, and also for sales team members for their media platforms, TKO Radio and The Courier newspaper. If you´re interested, send your CV to admin@tko.media, full details in The Courier out on Friday.

Final, final bit. On TV this weekend we have Eurovision: You Decide to look forward to. Please, pick something that might actually win this time. There is a comedy about a hospital radio station, but I have to stress that it is comedy and so sends up radio presenters and their hospital station. It is not a documentary or training video, so if you are going to apply for a job as a radio presenter, keep that in mind, even though there are actually for too many people on radio who are just like that!!! Churchill´s Secret on ITV on Sunday looks like the highlight of my weekend, along with all the usual suspects of course, and Grantchester is back next week, so do not miss that. I am so looking forward to it, personally.

Our video song of the week is Teddy Pendergrass and Love TKO, because, well, why not.

Right then, that´s your lot for this week. Stay safe and happy, have a great weekend and I will see you on the other side.




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