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Always Monitor Your Route

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Modern technology can help us with some of the most stressful and complicated areas of driving, such as route planning, but total reliability on such devices can pose problems, and so the importance of ensuring that all route characteristics are checked and correct for our journey and our vehicle are vital, as well as continual monitoring of the road along the way.

This week, six Guardia Civil vehicles stopped traffic in Cuenca this week, which might not seem like such a dramatic occurrence, until we discover that they were brand new vehicles on the back of a vehicle transporter heading to their new homes.


Luckily, the truck driver was paying attention to his route and surroundings and spotted that a bridge he was approaching was too low, although his stopping did paralyse traffic on one of the major routes for a while.


The vehicles were successfully delivered, unharmed, to the Guardia Civil, with only the minor inconvenience of delays on this occasion.


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