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Belgian Foreign Licence Holder Fined in Alicante

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This week, a Belgian driver was fined in Alicante, as his foreign licence was no longer acceptable under the European rules now being enforced in Spain, as he had an undefined licence after being resident more than 2 years.


Many foreign residents are still of the opinion that they don´t need to change their licence to one or their country of residence, in fact this driver was of that same opinion.

There are clearly documented situations where foreigners must and should change their licences.

In fact, in order to further clarify the situation, the Spanish traffic authority, the DGT, has created their own guide, in English, detailing how you can do this yourself. This document can be downloaded from the DGT website, but we have also included it at the end of this article for your convenience.

In addition, we have found and vetted two legal firms in the Alicante province who will do the transfer on your behalf. They are PSI Consultants based on the Orihuela Costa who cover south of Alicante, and Ricor Abogados who are based in Alicante and cover the city and north.

Details of our collaboration can be found by clicking on this link, and we will forward your details to them as our partners.

Please read the document below, and also this link which answers other questions about changing your foreign driving licence. Remember also, having a Spanish licence when you live in this country makes life simpler in the event of being stopped by the police, as your licence is linked to your NIE, and so your details can be checked at the roadside quickly and easily. You also qualify for reduced rates if you are fined and no not have to pay traffic fines on the spot, which foreign licence holders do.

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