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New App Can Report if Mobile used by Drivers

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Israeli technologists have devised an application that they hope will significantly reduce the number of incidents on the roads caused by drivers using their mobile phone.

New App Can Report if Mobile used by Drivers

Developed by a company called Cellebrite, the Textalyzer tool allows the authorities access to the mobile phone´s history to show if the phone was being used at the time or just before an incident took place.

Unable to immediately show any personal information relating to the call, text or phone use, Textalyzer will only be able to report on the functions being operated.

The application has yet to be adopted although the American law makers are the first to consider its use in legislation.

In Spain, the DGT started installing a new series of traffic cameras which not only watch for speeding motorists but also monitor for mobile phone and even seatbelt use. These devices act automatically and support other methods of detection such as airborne and ground patrols.

In the most recent campaign, more than 1,100 drivers were caught using their mobile whilst driving.

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