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Emergency Call System for Motorcycles

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BMW has developed an emergency contact system for motorbikes which, similar to the eCall system for cars, will automatically summon assistance in the event of a crash.


eCall is expected to save some 2,500 lives per year on the roads as emergency response times will be drastically cut by up to 50%, reducing the threat of delay during that all too crucial “golden hour”.

Now, BMW have developed the system for motorbikes which use a series of sensors to detect if the angle of the vehicle, if it has fallen over, the speed and sudden change, and the severity in the event of an impact.

Having already had equipment on cars for a decade, BMW are also extending the system to allow passengers or witnesses to summon assistance by means of a help button, and the equipment will be installed in all new motorbikes sold by the company from next year.

As well as the anticipated 2,500 lives expected to be saved, the roll-out of the system on all new vehicles from 2018 is also expected to save millions in damage and medical bills.


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