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Officers Stop Drugged-Up Trucker After 70km Chase

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Officers from the Guardia Civil in Murcia detained the driver of an articulated lorry for reckless driving “with conscious disregard for the lives of others” and “under the influence of toxic drugs”.

Officers Stop Drugged-Up Trucker After 70km Chase 1

The arrest didn´t come easy for the officers pursuing the 40 ton truck as the driver made no indication of his intention to stop. In fact, officers gave chase for more than 70 kilometres from Archena to Yecla.

The incident took place last Friday when the traffic officers received an alert from local police in Archena who reported the truck driving through the village of Algaida in an irregular manner, zigzagging, oscillating, and occupying the entire roadway, and having disobeyed repeated signals to stop.

A local police patrol from Archena began following the vehicle, with lights illuminated and siren sounding, but was unable to overtake safely.

The Guardia Civil were waiting at an junction of the A-30 Albacete to Cartagena road, intent on intercepting the vehicle as it slowed down to move through the road network. However, the truck driver still refused to stop and continued along the road with more patrols trying to force the vehicle to slow down and stop, whilst trying to avoid a collision.

As the chase continued, other officers were forced to close the road ahead so as to prevent risk to other road users. Further ahead, a “stinger” device had been deployed which the truck drove over, successfully bursting the tyres.

Officers Stop Drugged-Up Trucker After 70km Chase 2

The truck still continued, albeit at a slower speed on account of the damage, which eventually allowed a daring officer to break a window and board the truck, struggling with the driver, and eventually bringing the vehicle to a standstill, some 70 kilometres after the chase began.

The officers were able to identify the driver as being a Spanish national, aged 40, and a resident of Murcia, presenting clear and obvious signs of intoxication. He was therefore subjected to mandatory alcohol and drugs tests which gave a positive result for cocaine.

The driver was therefore arrested for a number of offences, driving with reckless disregard for the lives of others and driving under the influence of drugs, as well as resistance and disobedience to law enforcement.

The driver appeared in court on Saturday and had his licence withdrawn as a precaution before awaiting a trial date where he faces a lengthy prison term and an even longer driving ban.

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