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How do Spanish police tell you they want you to stop your vehicle?

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On their official YouTube channel, the Guardia Civil have published a video explaining the actions that patrols will take in order to stop a vehicle on the roadside. We have translated that video into English for you.

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Below is the transcript of the video to help you.

Amongst their duties, the Guardia Civil is tasked with controlling road traffic to ensure road safety and to prevent the commission of offenses which endanger road users, and provide assistance if necessary.

When an official vehicle wants you to stop, it will display a flashing red light in addition to the blue lights. This red light means you must stop your vehicle by manoeuvring to the right hand side of the road.

You must stop your vehicle in a place where it doen´t cause an increased risk to other road users, it this is not possible, you must continue until you can stop in a safe place.

The patrol will stop their vehicle behind yours. All the occupants of your vehicle must remain inside the vehicle.

The officer will approach you on the right side of your vehicle to notify the reason for stopping you.

Once the officers have finished dealing with you, they will assist you in joining the main flow of traffic.

When stopping a vehicle main factor is safety.


1 flashing red light indicates that must stop.

2 You must stop the vehicle in a safe area.

3 When stopping, no one should leave the vehicle.

4 When you´re finished, wait for the officers to assist you in joining the flow of traffic.


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