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Roadside Robbers Caught on Video

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A group of roadside robbers have been caught on video thanks to the quick thinking of a potential victim who filmed a car with its occupants apparently pretending to be police officers and attempting to stop the target vehicle, potentially to take advantage of the situation and rob the victims.


The incident occurred on the AP7 motorway, a route popular with tourists, when a black car came alongside the potential victim and displayed what looked like an American style police badge, although easy to mistake for a real one when travelling at speed and at some distance.

Aware of situations like this, the potential victim then videoed the car, catching not only the registration number but also a view of the driver. Noticing that he was being videoed, the fake police car sped off away from the scene.

This video was then handed to the authorities who are now investigating and believe that the gang are responsible for a number of similar robberies in the area.

Specifically, the police suspect it is a gang made up of Peruvian and Chilean nationals who have been operating in Spain for months and not only target vehicles on the road but also those in rest stops and laybys.

N332.es has produced a video which helps to identify unmarked Guardia Civil cars to help prevent this kind of robbery through awareness. If you do suspect you are a victim of an attempted stop by one of these gang members, or are approached at a layby, alert the authorities immediately by calling 112 if you only speak English, or 062 for the Guardia Civil direct, who can confirm if the vehicle is a real patrol and can summon assistance to you straight away.

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