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Over Four Million Road Journeys This Weekend

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Over Four Million Road Journeys This Weekend

This weekend sees one of the busiest on the roads of Spain, as the summer holiday season comes to an end and there is a mass movement of vehicles from coastal and mountainous regions back inland towards the cities and towns.

Over Four Million Road Journeys This Weekend

Traditionally, domestic tourists take two weeks off on holiday and so the summer season on the road is broken into fortnightly sections. This weekend is the last of those sections and so the majority of people who have stayed throughout the entire summer join those who have taken the last two weeks of the holiday period.

In order to prepare for the 4,275,000 long haul journeys expected this weekend and improve the flow of traffic, a number of standard systems have been put in place, including creating extra lanes in some of the busier areas, restricting the movement of dangerous goods and, in some places, heavy vehicles such as trucks.

There will be an increase in the number of alcohol and drugs check-points throughout the weekend, as well as the intensified campaign against speeding motorists.

In order to ensure the safety of road users there will be 10,000 Guardia Civil traffic officers on duty supported by around 13,000 road management team members and 600 controllers. The DGT will be in the air with their helicopters, including those equipped with Pegasus speed monitoring equipment.

If you are heading out on the roads this weekend make sure to allow extra time for your journey, take plenty of brakes, stay cool and calm and respect the rules of the road.

Avoid alcohol and drugs completely before driving, despite a limited allowance, zero is always the best limit.

Also, remember that children less than 135 centimetres tall must ride in the rear seats and in an approved seat relevant to them.

The campaign runs through the weekend until Sunday night.

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