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There’s No Escape

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A Torrevieja man has been convicted of a raping a German tourist 13 years ago because the victim provided DNA samples in her native country when she returned.  Authorities matched them up years later to a Cuban national who was sentenced to 17 years in prison in 2011 for stabbing a woman to death in Torrevieja after she refused to have sex with him. His DNA details appeared on a datebase of killers and German authorites sent their samples which were matched up by their Spanish counterparts.  The unnamed man will now serve an additional seven years for rape and theft once his sentence for murder finishes.

Back in 2003, the victim had a row with her husband at a Torrevieja address where they were staying and left to go the Guardia Civil to file a complaint. The Cuban national offered to take her to the Guardia barracks, but instead took to her to a building site where he raped her and stole some money.  The traumatic circumstances saw the woman confused over what legal road she had to go down as she went to a health centre and then hospital, and did not not know that she had to make a formal complaint before the Guardia could start an investigation.

She immediately took a taxi to go to Alicante Airport, where she then caught the first available flight to Germany, arriving home in Dusseldorf. She filed a complaint to the German police, where he was medically examined as well as having her clothese that she was wearing at the time of the rape taken, along with providing samples.  Her course of action paid off years later when the DNA databases matched after her assailant’s murder conviction.

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