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Staying Safe this Christmas

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Although no specific threats have been received and the threat level remains the same, security measures are being put in place to ensure that Christmas passes as safe as possible.

Numerous town halls across the country are currently installing large planters in key public areas. As well as improving the aesthetics of the location, these serve to act as a physical barrier to help prevent incidents such as the truck attack in Berlin this week. Other places are installing physical barriers, but these are not to cause alarm, they are preventative measures.

Guardia Civil and police checkpoints will be in place in various locations. Although many of these will be traffic related, there will also be many others which are checking vehicles for security reasons. Once again we remind everyone of the importance of not sharing the locations of these checkpoints should you see them, such as through social media, as this often gives those who may be intent on criminal activity the opportunity to avoid detection.

If you are stopped at a checkpoint the advice remains the same too. Stay calm and act on the instructions of the officers involved. If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear and you will be on your way in a very short space of time.

Finally, if you see anything or anybody acting suspiciously, please notify the authorities immediately. Although you might not consider it an emergency, the 112 call centre is staffed by people who speak a variety of languages and nobody will be offended if an alert turns out to be false, as that is by far a better outcome than ignoring something which later results in a tragic incident.

Stay safe this holiday period, look after yourself and your belongings, keep them out of sight at all times, keep bags and wallets secure and never unattended, and be vigilant, that way we can all hope for a safe and peaceful Christmas and New Year.

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