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Watching From the Sky

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It´s not only Santa who´s been taking to the sky this Christmas, but 65 pilots flying the 12 DGT helicopters have also been keeping a watchful eye on the roads, and will continue to do so through the New Year.

During the three-week Christmas period, the special operation has been divided into 3 phases. The first phase has already taken place, over Christmas itself, the second is this coming weekend, for New Year, and then the third phase after the 3 King´s celebrations next week.

The helicopters support officers on the ground and enforce the law from afar, monitoring for speeding motorists, as well as others such as those using their mobile phone or not wearing a seatbelt, and are able to issue the sanctions automatically to the home address of the vehicle owner through the DGT system, without the need to stop the driver to advise them of the infraction.

Of course, in the worst cases, the helicopters can summon assistance on the ground to intercept vehicles and deal with the situation instantly.

The helicopters not only look for infractions however, they also monitor traffic flow and feed information to controllers to assist in the direction and control of traffic.

As these helicopters can see you from afar, you might never be aware that they´re there. However, there is a way in which you can avoid detection, by adhering to the laws, wearing your seatbelt correctly, not using your mobile phone, maintaining a safe distance, keeping your speed under control, in fact by driving within the requirements of the law.

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