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Product Safety Notice Issued for 5 Motorcycles

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The road safety department of the Unión Internacional para la Defensa de los Motociclistas has called for a review of 29 different motorcycle models, which they feel pose a safety risk.

The associated reports have been forwarded to the manufacturers, who will then make contact with owners direct, should there be a need for a technical revision.

Reference: RAM ES 2016 035 Triumph.

Brand: Triumph


Risk: The wiring to the fuel pump can allow leakage from the fuel tank. This leak, in the event that there is an electrical short circuit, could be a source of ignition with risk of fire of the vehicle.

DATE OF ALERT: 16 December 2016

Reference: RAM ES 2016 036

Brand: Suzuki

Model: DL-650

Risk: In some cases, the insulating material of the wiring of the generator can be damaged by heat from the engine and cause a short circuit in the internal wiring. The continued use in this situation, could cause the current generated to be reduced and provide insufficient load to the battery. In the worst cases may stop the engine whilst driving and render it impossible to start again.

DATE OF ALERT: 21 December 2016

Any necessary technical revisions will be carried out by the manufacturer, or their authorised workshops, and will be free of charge to the consumer.

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