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Repeat Offenders have Vehicles Seized

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The DGT in Ourense, a city in Galicia in north western Spain, has seized 22 vehicles from repeat offenders against road safety.

According to the public prosecutor, although seemingly extreme, the action has been taken on account of the severity of the number of repeat offences carried out. Each of the owners who have now lost their vehicles would have qualified for seizure by accumulating at least three consecutive convictions, in the two-year period, against road safety, such as high blood alcohol levels (more than 0.60 mg / litre), refusing to undergo screening tests, or driving without a valid licence, for example.

The majority of vehicles seized, 19 in total, have been scrapped, the remaining three are being stored as evidence on account of continual investigations being carried out.

The Guardia Civil in the area arrested 362 people in Ourense in 2016, all for serious offences against road safety. In the majority of cases, the offences were related to alcohol, with 204 drivers arrested for being sufficiently over the limit it constituted a criminal offence.

The offences related to driving licences, there were 146 complaints recorded, 61 of which were as a result of having lost all points, whereas in 44 cases the denunciations were for deprivation of the permit due to judicial sentences.

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