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New Service Looks After the Pets of Injured Owners

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It is a continual concern for many pet owners, especially those who live alone with only their beloved animal companion for company, what would happen if an incident results in the human being hospitalised because of a traffic collision or serious illness, and the animal being left home alone?

Ambulancias Lorca, a professional medical transport service based in Lorca in the Murcia Region, have answered the question with considerable reassurance, by launching this new service, called AMAR, which promises to look after the animals for free, until the owner is able to return to their home.

In the event of the animal being involved in the traffic incident, they will attend the scene and transport the animal to a safe place, such as a veterinary surgery or a designated animal hotel. In the more likely scenario of the pet being left home alone, they will arrange access to the property and provide the care needed, for as long as it’s needed, all for free.

The owner will receive daily updates to their mobile phone of the health and wellbeing of the animal, and the progress of the care being given, so as to give peace of mind to the owner that their companion is also in safe hands.

However, in the event of the owner passing away as a result of the incident which prompted their involvement, the group will also arrange for fostering and adoption of the animal.

The service, which is run by volunteers and supported by a multidisciplinary network of collaborators who will ensure the welfare of the animal at all times, is sadly only available in the area covered by this company, which is around Lorca, Águilas, Puerto Lumbreras, Totana and Aledo, known as “Área III de Salud de la Región de Murcia”.


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