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Crash Barriers to be Replaced

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The Spanish Government has unanimously approved a motion calling for measures to improve the safety motorcycle riders, including the replacement of crash barriers with alternative deflection equipment in areas prone to high motorbike casualty figures.

The motion was presented by the Ciudadanos political group, and approved by 311 deputies from all political parties.

As well as on the national road network, instructions will be sent to local municipalities to ensure all roads comply with the new ruling.

The overall plan also calls for a further set of measures, such as identifying the most dangerous sections of roads and informing motorists of their location through all available means, improving the quality and maintenance of roads, reducing potholes, gravel and other obstacles and increasing the traction.

Finally, the proposal urged the promotion of training programs for drivers and bikers, as well as campaigns aimed at alerting all road users, including motorcyclists, of the dangers on mixed traffic, and urging everybody to drive within the confines of law, and with a more sensible attitude to all.

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