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Location of New Seatbelt-Spotting Traffic Cameras

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Of the 225 new “smart” cameras, including the 200 new traffic cameras recently installed, which watch for such things as vehicle occupants wearing seatbelts, 19 are placed in the Valencia region, and of those, 5 are in the Alicante province.

Across Alicante, the cameras are located on the A-31, the N-340, the A-70 the, A-7 and the N-338. The specific locations are available on the DGT website, although we don´t feel the need to share that information as the point of the cameras is to encourage vehicle occupants to wear their seatbelt, and so we encourage seatbelt use at all times.

These cameras take a series of images which are then analysed by the computerised system. If the system believes it has identified an infraction, the images are sent to a human controller to confirm this, before automatically sending details of the offence to the vehicle owner.

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