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A long time ago on a road far far away!

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A 24-year-old man from the Zamora area of Castile y León was arrested at the weekend, following a close encounter with unusual beings.

Officers from the Guardia Civil had set up a routine checkpoint on Saturday night, intent on carrying our checks on drivers, in particular for having consumed alcohol or drugs.

A vehicle approached the checkpoint and decided not to stop at the control, proceeding through the checkpoint and accelerating.

The officers took to their crafts and pursued the fleeing fugitive, eventually managing to bring the vehicle to a top and then approach the driver, who then duly explained to the officers, “I saw Jedis with light sabres”, and although he didn´t claim that earth had been invaded by beings from another world, he “thought I was in the middle of a film shoot so I decided to go fast.”

Despite the seemingly plausible explanation, the officers still decided to carry out the checks for alcohol and drugs and, surprisingly, found the driver to have consumed both, registering double the maximum permitted rate of alcohol, and positive for illegal drugs.

The driver was immediately detained and transported to the Death Star by shuttle craft, no, sorry, we mean he was locked in the back of a van and taken to the police station where he was to be brought before a judge for a crime for driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs, reckless driving, resistance to authority and for fleeing the Guardia Civil, even though he still maintains his innocence, although subsequently changing his previous excuse, as he “had no idea it was the authorities, I just saw lights following me and I thought they were Galactic Empire ships”.

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