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Dear diary… Test Passed… Licence Lost…

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The eager celebrations of a young man from Valladolid were short lived on Wednesday after his near-perfect driving test concluded with him losing his licence on the same day.

Having successfully completed his driving test shortly after noon, with congratulations from the instructor over his performance in the test, the next step is to wait until the licence is issued and sent to the successful applicant, normally a few days later.

However, our excited new driver didn´t want to wait and decided to go for a celebratory drive with his friends that afternoon.

The vehicle was stopped at a routine checkpoint, where the driver was asked to produce his documents. “Listen, officer, which I approved this morning”, he said, “I behaved perfectly, they even congratulated me”, was the convincing tale he told the officer, however, driving without being in possession of your licence is an offence, and so the young man was issued a fine and had his licence withdrawn before he´s even received it.

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