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N332 RoadWatch – Issue 7

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Issue 7 of N332 RoadWatch is now available. You can read the eMagazine for FREE below, or you can purchase and download your own PDF version and support the N332 Road Safety Project.

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This is what is in this edition…

Welcome to the latest edition of N332 RoadWatch eMagazine.

As we move into June, we move into the start of summer. Children will soon be finishing school until September, which does lead to a reduction in morning and afternoon traffic, but also leads to an increased risk as children become free to explore, play and learn on their own, often finding themselves too close to the roads.

Vulnerable road users are the main topic for this issue, primarily looking at cyclists. We have had a number of tragedies recently, with cyclists killed on the roads. In one case, a drunk driver was responsible for killing three people, and seriously injuring others. In fact, two of those injured remain under medical care, only recently managing to leave intensive care, weeks after the incident.

We look at cyclists in some detail this issue, however, we must not only look at protecting them, but also at them protecting themselves, exercising respect for the laws that they not only command, but deserve.

There is lots more inside this issue which we hope you will find lots of interest, check out the contents list on the right, and remember to keep checking the website, n332.es, for more.

You can read this edition for FREE here, or look below to purchase and download your own PDF version and support the N332 Road Safety Project.


4 Male drivers – Double the risk at the wheel than women

5 A Taxi Fit for a King

6 Crime Figures Down

6 Odd Road News

8 Debunking the Myths – Drunk Passengers

9 Dogs Locked in Cars – The Truth

10 Stricter ITV Controls from 2018

12 How the Driving Test has Evolved over Time

14 If you feel unsafe driving at night, you might be suffering from night blindness

16 Obtaining a Duplicate Driving Licence and Official Guide

18 Road Traffic May be Affected Following Alicante-Elche Airport Crash Simulation

20 Light Cleaning

22 Sharing the Road, Respect and Responsibility

26 Getting Fined Without Moving

28 Choosing a Crash Helmet

30 Pedestrian Lights – 2017 Style

32 The Gallery

34 Half of Spaniards would Ban Smoking in Cars

36 Citroën C4 is May´s Top Seller


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