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Getting Fined Without Moving

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Excessive speed or driving whilst using a mobile phone are two of the most common causes for which you can receive a traffic sanction, but it is also possible to be fined without your vehicle moving, and not only for parking where you shouldn´t.

Many drivers seem oblivious to the fact that you can be fined for washing your car in the street, or for carrying out repairs. Although the fines are largely symbolic, depending on the municipality, they exist none the less. Water, oil, other deposits can interfere with the road surface and can become a risk. There are also environmental concerns over the disposal of waste, such as water, or other fluids. Car wash facilities have complex recycling and drainage systems so as to minimise waste of the precious commodity of water.

Not having a clean car can result in a fine. Even if the vehicle isn´t going to move, the lights and reflectors, and the number plates must be kept clear, if the vehicle is moving, so must the windows.

Having a number plate in a poor condition, whether you drive or not, can result in a fine of 80 euro. If the vehicle is permitted on the road, the number plate must be clear.

There are a number of fines possible at the fuel filling station, some of these posing a serious risk, but some less obvious than others. You must not smoke when refuelling, or light incendiaries such as matches. However, you are not permitted to refuel with your lights on, or the engine running, nor are you allowed to use your mobile phone or have the radio on. Any of these activities can lead to a 200 euro fine and the loss of 3 points. It´s also never a good idea to leave the keys in the ignition, although this is mostly for your own security.

If you have moved house and you have not notified the DGT of your new address, you can also receive a sanction. It is a simple process to perform and free, so it is worth notifying them as soon as possible.

These are just a few of the fines you can face without moving, there are many more, including not wearing a high visibility vest if you leave your vehicle in an emergency, not placing warning triangles, or in the wrong place, creating excessive noise or disturbances, using the horn inappropriately, the list goes on, but all of these fines are for one common goal, and that is to improve safety.

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