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N332 RoadWatch – Issue 8

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Issue 8 of N332 RoadWatch is now available. You can read the eMagazine for FREE below, or you can purchase and download your own PDF version and support the N332 Road Safety Project.

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This is what is in this edition…


Summer is well and truly underway now, many of the roads in coastal and mountainous regions are carrying more cars than normal, as holidaymakers travel in often unknown areas, sometimes lost, sometimes confused, and mixing with other vehicles of similar characteristics.

In this issue, we clear up a lot of questions which have arisen regarding summer driving, such as if you will get fined for wearing flip flops, or not wearing a t-shirt, will you get fined for drinking water or having your arm out of the car? What about if you have items on the parcel shelf?

As well as an in-depth interview with serving Guardia Civil traffic officer Francisco Morales, who heads the N332 Facebook team, we also include the OFFICIAL advice from the DGT, so there is no ambiguity, it´s real, and official and made clear.

Special operations will be carried out by the Guardia Civil and DGT throughout the summer. Between the 17th and 23rs of July, the attention will turn to vehicle standards, ensuring the safety and maintenance of vehicles on the roads, especially older ones.

Around the weekend of the 15th of August, attention will focus on alcohol and drugs, as this coincides with an increase in the number of summer parties being held. Finally, during the week of the 21st of August, speed checks will increase.

The second major operation of the summer, Operation “1 August”, will run from Friday 28 July to Tuesday 2 August, then Operation “15 August” will run from Friday 11 to Tuesday 15 August.

The final operation, when the majority of road-based holidaymakers return inland, known as “Operation Return”, takes place from Thursday 31 August to Sunday 3 September.

As always, wherever you are and whatever you are doing, stay safe on the roads. Keep calm, allow plenty of time for your journey, maintain a safe distance and appropriate speed, never drink and drive and never use your mobile or other electronic device.

The contents of this issue…

  • 4 Mobile App Assesses Driver Performance
  • 5 Combatting the Sun´s Damage
  • 6 Leave an Animal in your Vehicle – Face Prison
  • 6 Prison for Reckless Flasher
  • 8 Father Arrested for Leaving Baby in Car
  • 8 On Patrol – The Odd Ones
  • 9 Kamikaze Driver Stopped
  • 10 More Internet Myths Explained
  • 14 Official Advice from the DGT
  • 16 Translation of Advice
  • 18 New Rules for Pickup Vehicles
  • 20 Slow Down for Horses
  • 23 Hire Car Equipment
  • 24 Drinking & Driving in Spain
  • 27 Carrying Pets in Cars
  • 28 Overtaking Multiple Vehicles
  • 30 Introducing the Ford Police ResponderTM Hybrid Sedan
  • 32 The Gallery
  • 34 How to Adjust Your Seat Belt
  • 36 Electric Bike Insurance

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