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Mobile App Assesses Driver Performance

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An app which records and reports on driving ability has revealed that drivers in Spain don´t perform quite as they believe.

DriveSmart, a mobile application that measures the driving style of the user and compares it with the assessment of other drivers, and, in general, despite the fact that a survey revealed that drivers in Spain believe themselves to be generally “good drivers”, after the analysis of the results, it reveals that they are… even better than they thought.

How does it work?

To run the application, you only have to activate it at the beginning of the trip, and it then automatically collects the data using the phone´s internal sensors, such as accelerometer, compass, GPS for example, without the driver having to manipulate the phone during the journey.

Before using the application, it asks the driver to create a profile and after the trip, depending on the characteristics and conditions of the road, DriveSmart evaluates the journey and shows results on how the driver performed behind the wheel and how they could it improve.

In the self-assessment, only 1 in 3 Spaniards considered themselves to be a good driver, while 12% think they are excellent. Only 1% say they are bad drivers. 23% do not know.

Despite these modest results, the application gives these drivers an average rating of 95.99 out of 100. A benchmark that has improved from the previous year, rising from 94.6.

Performance scores by local area

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