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Prison for Reckless Flasher

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A court in A Coruña has sentenced a man to prison for showing his genitals to the police whilst acting in a reckless manner and endangering public safety.

The incident occurred in 2015, but has only just been heard in court, when a police patrol observed a man showing signs of intoxication climbing onto a motorcycle. The officers reported that the man could barely keep his balance and so immediately attempted to stop the biker to ascertain if he was fit to drive.

The rider ignored the request to stop and fled away at high speed, ignoring traffic lights and speed limits whilst he attempted to escape. Another patrol joined the pursuit and, having reached speeds in excess of 100 kilometres per hour, the rider lost control and crashed his motorbike.

The officers attended the man and advised him that a breathalyser would soon arrive to check his condition, to which the man threatened the officers with violence, in front of gathering crowds.

The officers attempted to carry out the test, and although the man accepted the device in his mouth, he refused to blow. He was advised that if he continued it would be taken into account that he has refused the test, at which point he pulled down his trousers and told the officers to “blow on this”.

The matter was dealt with and reported, yet a month later, the same man was observed on his motorcycle, again in an apparent state of intoxication, and took it upon himself to insult the officers further.

The court sentenced him to 9 months in prison and a suspension of his licence for 15 months.

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