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Extra Checks on Speed This Week

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All of this week, the DGT, Guardia Civil, regional and local police will be paying close attention to inappropriate speed, in an attempt to educate drivers of the risks associated with this dangerous practice.


The campaign will run throughout the week, coinciding with one of the busiest summer weekends on the roads, when many of the remaining domestic tourists return to their inland homes from the coast, before the last major operation of summer starts next weekend.

Every year more than 300 people are killed in incidents where inappropriate seed is a contributing factor. The overriding message of the campaign is that speed limits are a maximum and must never be exceeded, although the speed limit does not indicate that it is always safe to drive at that speed, as other factors such as the weather, traffic and road conditions influence this.

In Spain, secondary roads are where more speed related incidents occur, and so the Guardia Civil will be giving more of a focus to this type of road. Statistically, 4 out of 10 drivers on these types of roads are exceeding the speed limit at any one time, 25% by more than 10 kilometres per hour above the limit. These roads are also the location for 8 out of every 10 deaths.

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