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N332 RoadWatch – Issue 9

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Welcome to issue 9 of N332 RoadWatch eMagazine. You can read the eMagazine on this page FOR FREE, by scrolling down beyond the introduction. Alternatively, if you would like to buy and download your own PDF version, here is the buy now button.


As summer comes to an end, thoughts of returning to work or school come to the forefront of many people´s minds, but for all of us, we have to be aware of the changes to the characteristics of the roads, as school and work timetables dominate the flow of traffic, more vehicles take to the roads, and, to add even more complications to the mix, the weather starts to change.

In this edition we look at some of those changes, focussing particularly on the return to school and the infamous “school run”. We also pay close attention to “operation return”, which is when we see the largest flow of domestic tourists return to their inland homes after the holidays on the coast and mountainous regions.

There´s much more to keep you interested this issue too, we hope, including more myths busted, this time about avoiding parking fines, explanations about some of the topics which have come to light over the summer, such as what the headlight sign with a question mark means, and a detailed explanation about different types of crossings.

We are also starting to build our timetable for presentations throughout the autumn, and so details about that are also included, and you can now get N332 on your Android device with the official N332 app (sorry iPhone users, but your time will come), details about that are also included inside.

That´s enough for now, we will let you get on and read all about it inside. Until the next time, stay safe.

In this issue:

4 – Back to School

6 – N332 Now Available on Android

8 – Talks and Presentations

9 – Driving in Rain

10 – Time to go Home

12 – Parking Myths Busted

14 – Headlights Question Mark

16 – Driving Classic Cars in Spain

18 – Lane Discipline Explained

20 – Pedestrian and Bicycle Crossings

23 – Drivers Urged to Tell the Truth in Medical Exams

24 – Choosing Workshops and Garages

27 – The Future Big Brother

28 – Pride of Spain Awards 2017

30- The Green L-Plate (V-13)

31 – Removing Abandoned Vehicles

32 – The Gallery

34 – Survey Results

36 – Buying and Selling a Car

Here is the online version which you can read for FREE. There is another Buy Now button at the end in case you would like to purchase and download your own PDF of thie eMagazine.


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