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New Signs Can Warn of Cyclists Ahead

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The DGT has installed the latest set of so-called intelligent road signs, this time being tested on the roads of La Rioja, aimed at trying to make the roads safer for cyclists.

Intelligent road signs are able to read the characteristics of the road and vehicles on it through means of sensors. On the N-332 passing through Torrevieja there are examples of signs which monitor for queues ahead, illuminating flashing lights to warn of the presence of danger ahead. Further north, there are signs which warn when vehicles are waiting or crossing traffic at junctions which would otherwise be blind to oncoming vehicles.

These latest signs are able to detect the presence of two-wheeled vehicles, whether solo or in groups, and illuminate the sign as a warning to other road users of the potential hazard ahead.

According to Jaime Moreno, the Deputy Director of Operations and Mobility of the DGT, “this measure is part of the Plan of Urgent Measures announced by the Minister of the Interior earlier this year to increase the prevention of accidents involving cyclists.”

At the moment, this pioneering system has been installed in several kilometres of the LR-111, LR-250, LR-254 and LR-255, where the visibility of the road is reduced, although Jaime Moreno states that “the idea is to extend this type of system to other roads where the influx of cyclists is important, so that the cyclists can move safer.”

However, it is important to remember that the placement of these signs is to offer additional protection to cyclists, and should not lead to complacency. Being constantly prepared for what´s ahead is a vital part of safer driving and proper observation is crucial, whether signs are in place or not.

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