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Time to Check Your Lights Again

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Although we are getting closer to the time when the evenings start to get lighter, the lights on our vehicles have possibly been in use more than ever, and so it´s a good time to check that all of the lights on our vehicles are fully working.

Until quite recently, all vehicles had to carry a spare set of bulbs, this is no longer the case. The Spanish government recognised that changing a bulb is no longer a simple task, and in many cases can only be done by qualified mechanics, and so carrying a spare set was pointless, if the ability to change the bulbs had been removed.

However, it is still important to check all of the lights on a regular basis, even those not used too often, such as fog lights.

It is better to have an assistant to help you do this so that one of you can be in the car operating the switches, the other on the outside monitoring the results.

Remember, check every light, headlights (including full beam), indicators and hazard lights (front and back), rear lights and brake lights, reversing and fog lights, and the lights that illuminate the number plate at the rear.

If your vehicle is a modern one you might also have Daytime Running Lights installed. Although these lights are often more reliable than traditional lights, on account of them being LED´s, they should also be checked on a regular basis.

If you don´t have anybody to help you can still carry out the checks by using reflective surfaces such as shop windows or other parked vehicles. Make sure you do this in an isolated location though as you don´t want to confuse other motorists.

If any of the lights have failed make sure you get them replaced immediately as it is an offence to drive with defective lights.

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