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Five School Bus Drivers Tested Positive for Drugs

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During the latest campaign checking the safety requirements of school buses, more than 3,500 vehicles were checked, with five drivers testing positive for drugs, and a further 9 drivers reported for driving in excess of the maximum permitted speed.

During the five-day campaign, a total of 3,557 vehicles were checked by officers of the Guardia Civil, supported by colleagues from local police forces, resulting in 1,416 offences being reported, mainly due to administrative irregularities. A lack of special school transport authorisation and unlimited liability insurance continue to be the most numerous irregularities amongst the controlled vehicles.

According to Gregorio Serrano, Director General of the DGT, “the habitual consumption of drugs by one part of society, has a direct reflection on drivers, many of them are behind the wheel after having consumed some type of substances as noted in the controls performed by agents on the road. From the DGT we will continue increasing these controls, putting a special emphasis on professional drivers”.

Whilst checking the vehicles, the officers found that of those vehicles with seatbelts fitted, 8 had anomalies in their operation. A total of 81 vehicles had deficiencies in the service and emergency doors, as well as in their drive devices, and another 16 were reported for not having their ITV inspection certificates and documentation.

Regarding the administrative offences, 1,024 vehicles lacked the special authorisation to operate as a school transport vehicle, and 338 did not have unlimited liability insurance, as required by law.

In addition, 104 controlled vehicles did not carry the corresponding V-10 school transport signal and another 24 lacked the luminous device with emergency signal.

Finally, as regards the excess of driving time or reduction of rest, 17 drivers were denounced for this reason and another 30 for not taking a person in charge of the care of the minors on board the coach, when this was the case.

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