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New Radars Approved for Use

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Velolaser – The most innovative definitive solution for speed control in urban and interurban environments.

The DGT has taken delivery of around 60 new portable speed detecting units, Velolaser, which have undergone extensive testing around the country. These devices have now been approved for use and can enter service protecting the country´s roads.

The Director General of Traffic, Gregorio Serrano, announced the certification just in time for one of the most intense road planning periods, the Easter holiday.

Small enough to fit in the panniers of a motorcycle, the units can be set up in seconds, either on a tripod, a vehicle mount, or on roadside features such as crash barriers. It should be noted, despite many speculative reports to the contrary, these devices are not mounted on the motorbikes but are carried to locations where they are set up on tripods or similar mounts.

The device manufacturers say that the units obtain the best results in sensitive urban areas (zone 30, schools, parks, children’s areas, etc., and thanks to its versatility they can work using vehicles available at any time, in any area, including those places otherwise inaccessible, and, most importantly, in a minimum time.

The simple, ingenious and innovative solution provides a new way to control speed in a wide variety of situations, on both urban and interurban roads.

The devices can monitor vehicles at speeds of up to 250 kilometres per hour, covering two lanes, monitoring both directions of travel, and can distinguish between different types of vehicles, knowing the difference between a car and a truck, for example.

The units can connect over 3G or 4G telephony, or via Wi-Fi, providing simultaneous monitoring of several devices at the same time, recording information on internal or external storage.

As well as monitoring speed, the devices are clever enough to calculate safety distances, and can operate both day and at night.

They are designed and manufactured in Spain, and come in a range of colours, although the units delivered to the DGT carry the distinctive colours and labelling of the Guardia Civil.


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