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The Integrated Patrol

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In a pioneering model of road traffic policing across Europe, the Guardia Civil now operates the first vehicles under the banner name of the “Integrated Patrol”.

The Integrated Patrol is a new surveillance model which sees motorbikes equipped with all of the tools required for both surveillance and enforcement, key to reducing incidents involving some of the most fatal contributing factors to road traffic collisions and serious injuries or fatalities.

The motorbikes are equipped with portable breathalysers, evidential drug testing kits, and the new Velolaser portable speed monitoring equipment. Collectively, the officers on the bikes are able to monitor for the correct use of seatbelts, mobile phone use, alcohol and drug use, and speed, all from the equipment carried with them.

Surveillance and monitoring can be set up in the minimum of time, and on roads where other vehicles may not previously have been able to operate.

Once again to clear up a common misconception however, the equipment is carried with the motorbikes and is not fitted to it. IN other words, the motorbikes do not have radars and cameras fitted to them which can be used when they are moving. All of the equipment is carried in the panniers until it is used.

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