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Two Children Arrested for Throwing Object at Guardia Civil Car

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Two minors were detained by Guardia Civil officers a little after midnight on Sunday, after a patrol vehicle suffered damage caused by the impact of a “blunt object” on the windscreen as the vehicle was moving.

The smashed windscreen

The incident occurred as the vehicle drove along the N-352 towards

, towards the border control point which separates Spain from Morocco.

The vehicle suffered serious damages to its front windscreen, in the area where the driver requires most visibility to proceed, although the expertise of the driver avoided a more serious incident, as the vehicle was also travelling at a moderate speed.

A second patrol vehicle, which was proceeding just behind the one that was attacked, saw, “without any doubts” the suspected authors of the criminal act, who immediately tried to flee the scene.

The officers were able to intercept the two minors after a short chase, being at all times observed and visually controlled by the officers, who then accompanied the children to their family home located on Avenida Argentina.

The parents have been duly informed of the facts committed by both children, which has also led to the identification of them and their guardians. The Guardia Civil found it evident that the attack was directed “specifically against members of the Corps during the development of the service”, since the vehicle attacked is a two-coloured SUV labelled with Guardia Civil insignia.

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